About Us

Global HR Solutions LLC is dedicated to providing world-class service through the diligent work of our dedicated consultants. Our mantra is EXPERIENCE • EXPERTISE • EXCELLENCE.

Our senior consultants have provided human resources administrative and management services to organizations ranging from small local companies with fewer than 20 employees to Fortune 500 organizations that employ thousands. Clients who do not employ a full-time human resources staff, as well as clients who wish to supplement their own in-house expertise, can benefit greatly from the continuing services offered by GHRS.

In our roles as HR professionals, we have created fully-functioning human resources departments where none previously existed. This involved designing policies and procedures, creating standardized forms, selecting and training process owners, managers and executives.

We have designed comprehensive diversity programs in order to educate organizations on the positive aspects of understanding, appreciating and managing a diverse workforce. Our entertaining training allowed those in attendance to embrace the concepts without defensiveness or anxiety.

Our consultants have conducted in-depth investigations across the United States.

With investigative techniques honed over the years, we have successfully investigated and managed to successful resolution issues of harassment, discrimination, hostile environment, loss prevention and wage and hour violations.

Our skilled witness interviewers have elicited information crucial to the successful completion of investigations, with the result that our clients have not sustained any legal charges or fines.

We are proud to put our record of success to work on behalf of your company.