The professionals at Global HR Solutions LLC are able to provide a wide range of services to your organization, regardless of company size. You may engage us to provide any or all of these services:

ADMINISTRATION: We will free you to engage in the more profitable areas of your business. We will set up and manage your personnel files and documents in a manner that will keep you in compliance and provide peace of mind, knowing that the more mundane aspects of file maintenance are being managed.

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: Our employee relations experts conduct in-depth investigations into issues that can, if ignored, subject your organization to significant legal action. We interview witnesses and provide you with summary reports that will enable you to take action based upon facts rather than supposition.

COMPLIANCE: We will provide a compliance review, encompassing in-depth evaluation of your current processes, assessment of current risk, identification of areas for improvement and development of procedures that will significantly insulate you from potential legal action.

CUSTOMIZED POLICY DEVELOPMENT: We design customized human resources policies and handbooks to fit your standards. We are also able to revise and update your current policy manual.

EMPLOYMENT PROCESSES: Streamlined processes for hiring and on-boarding employees will allow you to bring new employees on in the most efficient manner. From interview training through document processing, we will help you create a great first impression, a critical first step in creating a positive impression for new employees.

EXIT PROCESSES: We can show you the most efficient way to process terminations, and will develop and conduct customized exit interviews to capture valuable data about the employment experience.

DIVERSITY: Your organization will be better able to leverage the diversity of your workforce when you realize how complex and all-encompassing this topic can be. We provide an understanding of what diversity is and how to make it work to your advantage.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS: We are able to design customized job descriptions for your organization. This is a critical component in maintaining ADA compliance and in managing workers’ compensation claims.

HR OPERATING PROCEDURES: We provide a framework to assist you in dealing with any HR and personnel administration issues that you may encounter, including hiring, performance management, disciplinary action, terminations and exits.

TRAINING SEMINARS: Our skilled and entertaining training classes can prepare your managers to handle difficult situations in the areas of sexual harassment, discrimination, diversity, hostile environment, employee relations, FMLA and other compliance issues.

HUMAN RESOURCES FORMS: Simplified HR administration relies upon standardizing the forms used to successfully prepare and manage personnel files. Our library of standard HR forms can be used as they are or customized with your logo for a more personal touch, while allowing you to remain compliant with legal requirements.

UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS: We will develop guidelines for standardizing and documenting disciplinary and termination actions in order to decrease the number of lost unemployment claims. This keeps your tax rate lower. We will respond to claims, as well as provide guidance and counsel for responding to appeals.

INVESTIGATIONS: Expert investigation of employee relations problems is our forte. We have conducted investigations across the country, and have honed our interviewing/interrogation skills to a level that allows us to uncover information that could be potentially harmful to your company. Our well-written reports of findings will allow you to make employment decisions based upon facts, not supposition.

HR HOTLINE: Allow us to be your on-call HR specialists. This monthly subscription service is perfectly suited for small or start-up businesses that need occasional guidance or answers to specific questions.

JOB SEARCH SEMINARS: The process of finding employment has changed considerably, and we can show you how to be effective in selling yourself to prospective employers. Our techniques will help you successfully navigate the difficult terrain of electronic and human gatekeepers. Then you must present the right image, from resume through offer acceptance, and our experienced consultants will show you how that’s done. These seminars can be tailored to groups of any size, from individual executives to large groups from the general workforce.